EPISODE 27 – I don’t think you can get laid after going to a gastropub


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Giddy-up, friends!

Since unveiling our Skypetacular Answer Me This! Question Line a mere month ago, we’ve been mega-excited to receive all your calls. Especially the man who left the following message: “Er…This is a message for Stephanie…You spoke to my wife earlier, and she said you might be able to help us…” SURELY a call from a man seeking a threesome via a small ad in Loot. (Although we suspect the fire in his loins had been pretty effectively extinguished by having to sit through our lengthy Humorous Greeting.)

So, anyway, if you fancy checking out who else has been calling us with questions rather than bids to spice up a marriage, then you can listen to EPISODE 27, in which you can expect:

tuna sorbet
John Leslie
Happy Holidays with Sandwich
unrequited toy-love
Scientists In Their Eyes
JPM quiz machines ❤ Ed Harris
what to do in the event of a terrorist attack
Barbie cake.

What’s more, Olly discovers some hellaweird videos in his flat, Helen contemplates booze-free romance, Martin the Sound Man vents spleen at happy-snapping tourists, and special guest Kate Thornton gives her opinion on creationism vs. evolution. All this and MORE! More, we tell you!

And if you fancy getting in on the action in future episodes, follow in the footsteps of these smart fellows by sending YOUR questions to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com emailwise or to 0208 123 5877 voicewise. But bear in mind it’s not one of those £2.99/minute sexy chat lines or anything. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth: a) calls cost almost nothing (or actual Nothing if you Skype us over the clever Skype), and b) cooling ardour has got to be one of our superpowers.

See you next week!


Helen and Olly

PS. In response to Martin the Sound Man’s when-I-was-a-lad-soft-drinks-were-delivered-to-your-door-by-a-Shetland-pony reverie from Episode 25, questioneer Robert from Dumfriesshire (nee Robert from Southend) sent in this comforting snapshot of Disappearing Britain:

Dumfriesshire, incidentally, Martin The Sound Man, still does have lemonade (and Irn-Bru!) delivered to your door! We also have a coalman, a local craftsman who specialises in “Joinery and Undertaking”, plus a shop that advertises itself as Hair, Beauty, Nails and Fishing Tackle.

See, Martin! It’s not ALL going to the dogs!

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