Soon, my pet; the hour is nigh….


Hello, chums!

Answer Me This! is back next Thursday. Hallelujah! Wickitty-wickitty-wah! There’ll be new jingles! New songs! New costumes! And a whole lot of the same old shit, so don’t think we’re ditching our roots and not keeping it real.

If you’re restless in anticipation of the new episodes, or just not very busy this weekend, you can entertain yourself with one of these pursuits:

1) Check out this shit-hot video from tomorrow night’s Culture Show of Tony Blair’s final speech as Prime Minister, as voiced by premium impressionist Rory Bremner, animated by cartoon badboys Triffic and ghostwritten by John Oliver off The Daily Show and Helen’s big brother Andy Zaltzman. Yep, it’s a nepotistic plug!

2) Bone up on how Olly and Helen met and fell in like all those years ago in the new edition of the stupendous magazine All The Rage. And even if you couldn’t give a rat’s handbag about how we met, you should read the magazine anyway because it’s very good.

3) Send us all the questions you’ve been brewing while we’ve been away! We’ve missed you and your lovely inquisitive brains. Pop them in an email to – it’s a much better way to while away your time than watching Big Brother 8, that’s for sure.

Until Thursday 7th, bye! Xoxo! Lol! etc

Helen and Olly

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One Response to “Soon, my pet; the hour is nigh….”

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