Will the real EPISODE 11 please stand up, please stand up?


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Would you Adam and Eve it, it’s already time for Answer Me This! Episode 11? We wouldn’t either, had we not heard the evidence!

Conversational rafts in our whitewater chitchat include:

the Playboy Mansion
dimwitted drivers
the fall of the British Empire, one emoticon at a time
Michael Caine (bah)
Joss Stone (double bah)
Nicolas Cage (bah unto infinity)
nasal douching
Martin the Sound Man’s cricket box
naughty nutmeg
things that make you go

We’re also delighted that Answer Me This! is becoming a something of safe haven for those of you who, like Olly, do sneezes that smell like a donkey’s colon. Judging by the numerous hits we get each day from people googling ‘smelly sneezes’, ‘why do my sneezes smell so bad’ and ‘metallic sneezes’, Olly’s rancid schnozz is just the tip of a honking great iceberg: who knew so many of you suffered from this curious ailment? Hail to you, whiffy-sinused ones: you’re not alone! Join our gang! Although you’re still likely to get ostracised if you emit one of your Special sneezes in the clubhouse.

Thanks to everyone who has written in regarding their sneezes, or about their peculiar food reactions; if you’re similarly inclined to share, leave a comment on the website for us all to enjoy. Plus, as ever, send us loads of questions to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com. And encourage your friends and relations to do likewise! Because without your questions, we’d probably just loaf around watching the Neighbours: Defining Moments DVD, and being confronted with that number of perms in one go sure can’t be healthy.


Helen and Olly
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One Response to “Will the real EPISODE 11 please stand up, please stand up?”

  1. elaine Says:

    Olly,regarding your smelly sneezes, your late grandmother anne, had a special way of dealing with all ailments of the nose. To clear the sinuses, take copious ammounts of warm salt water and inhale (by cupping the hand) quantities of this concotion into the hooter. followed by swallowing (from the shell ) a raw egg This could be the forerunner of the passover hard boiled egg in salt water,

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