What do you mean, porridge gives you a rash?


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It’s time for another audience question!

Jamie Madge’s question in episode 7, “Why do you get a runny nose when eating spicy food?”, was certainly thought-provoking. It caused shrinking violet Olly to reveal on air that, while his nose remains continent during spicy meals, he is a member of the My Poo Turns Blue When I Eat Beetroot club; this seems to be quite a mainstream condition, but later he shyly muttered that he also gets very sneezy when he eats pear-drops. Martin the Sound Man has also outed himself as someone who sneezes when he eats strong mints. And Helen gets faint when she ingests monosodium glutamate.

So we thought it would be jolly interesting to ask you:

Have you got a weird physical reaction to eating or drinking a product?

Not the common or garden ones like getting the runs from a vindaloo or becoming hyperactive after too many Chupa Chups; or anything scary and serious like “I need an adrenaline shot to the heart when I eat nuts” or “My brain goes bendy when I eat naughty mushrooms”: we want to hear from you if, say, gravy gives you a squint or Scotch eggs make your hands turn magenta.

So please reveal your digestive anomalies by leaving us a comment on this site, or if that seems a bit steep then drop us an email at answermethispodcast@googlemail.com.

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8 Responses to “What do you mean, porridge gives you a rash?”

  1. simone Says:

    i meant BETH sorry not anna! hehe

  2. simone Says:

    i meant BETH sorry 🙂 hehe

  3. simone Says:

    OMG! anna!! My face sweats when eating salt and vinegar crisps!!i thought i was the only one, i just finished a bag now and thought to myself …there must be somebody else out there whos reacts the same!

    i cant handle currys tho..maybe my taste buds just arnt up for it but the hottest i can go is a chicken tikka…(dont laugh 😉 hehe

  4. Beth Says:

    Am I the only one who breaks into a forehead sweat when I eat salt and vinegar crisps? Nothing else salty, vinagery or crispy, just them.

  5. Anna from the Highlands Says:

    when I eat any kind of sour sweet – especially the ones coated in the sour sugary stuff – I get waves of cold sweats over my face. It is not altogether unpleasant although its usually followed by stomach cramps shortly afterwards (which are definitely unpleasant)

    Have I stopped eating them? Errrr…no

  6. helenzaltzman Says:

    Let the record also show that my friend Daniel says that when he eats spicy food, his hair gets greasy.

  7. Nathan Says:

    When I drink ginger beer I feel like I’m having a heart-attack. This happened several times and I kept ending up in A&E until a Doctor kindly pointed out that it was an allergic reaction and actually it is my oesophagus contracting, not my heart seizing. Although apparently the initial symptoms are identical. I now have to live with the knowledge that I am a freak. Happy days.

  8. helenzaltzman Says:

    In response to this topic, listener Adam contacted us to say: “My uncle sweats when he eats cheese. Any cheese, even mild stuff.”

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