EPISODE 6. Yeah, you heard!


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Hello, pals!

What time is it? Episode 6 of Answer Me This! time, that’s what! We want to penetrate your beautiful ears. Let us in!

‘Issues’ attracting our attention in this week’s episode include:
late night dating shows involving swimming pools
Alton Towers vs. Thorpe Park
knitting (difficultness of)
pet death
Olly’s stinky nose
Eriq La Salle

Plus to those of you who stick thorough to the end, a long-awaited discussion on the strange dynamic existing between Helen, Olly and Martin The Sound Man as they sit on a big bed and talk into a big phallic object whilst looking into each other’s eyes. Controversial!

We hope, as the Killers say, you enjoy your stay.

Helen and Olly

P.S. Keep emailing your questions to us at answermethispodcast@googlemail.com. You’ll feel a weight off your mind!
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2 Responses to “EPISODE 6. Yeah, you heard!”

  1. Miles Says:

    OH MY GOD!!! I have the same problem!! I just googled “my sneezes smell like honey” and this came up. You guys are actually the definitive authority on this affliction. that’s amazing.

  2. thepuppethead Says:


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