another milestone for Answer Me This!


Back in the olden days (ie episode 2), we asked you listeners whether you’d listened to Answer Me This! in a plane, or failing that what was the weirdest place in which you’d listened to the podcast. Answers to the latter, quite fairly, ranged from ‘in the nude’ to ‘Nottingham’.

However, after the following email trotted into our inbox this morning, I am delighted to announce that Answer Me This! has achieved its first mile-high listener:

Dear Helen and Olly,

Weren’t you wondering recently whether anyone had signed answermethispodcast into the mile high club? Well I did! But not in a dirty way. Last Sunday, episode 2, London Heathrow to Chicago O’Hare, somewhere near Iceland!


Alex D

And congratulations back at you, Alex D. The challenge is on, listeners – beat that! I look forward to hearing from Gerald A. Spacetourist: ‘I listened to episode 6004 whilst orbiting the Moon. To be honest, having spent £1million on the trip, I should have waited until I got home.’

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One Response to “another milestone for Answer Me This!”

  1. Doug Says:

    I recently listened to your podcast whilst…


    I found a small dank cloister, controlled by blue oysters and men in hats. the guard the entrance to a dark underground lair…. whilt sitting an a strange moving coach, i listended to podcast #2.

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