What’s that coming over the hill? Oh, it’s only EPISODE 2


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Good day to you, readers; and what more glorious day could there be than this, the day episode 2 of Answer Me This! is at last released to an adoring world?

(You needn’t answer that question. It’s rhetorical. There is, of course, no more glorious day!)

Hot topics covered in this week’s episode include:
fishy juice
sliced bread
intestines (stretchiness of)
Continental breakfast (relative rubbishness of)
Bob Holness
French horns
Irish butchers
Jude Law (fictional urinary habits of).

Cor! Wow! Etc!! If you like the look of that, and you haven’t yet subscribed to Answer Me This! on iTunes, why not subscribe to Answer Me This! on iTunes? And if you don’t like it, leave us some constructive criticism in the comments section, otherwise we’ll never get better.

Many thanks to this week’s questioneers, Clare, Amy, Brendy, Alistair, Alicky and Hugo; we hope we have vanquished your queries. Furthermore, we offer a big enthusiastic ‘congratulations!’ to Nadia for her winning answer to last week’s Audience Question. Unfortunately she doesn’t win a big cash prize, but she has earnt our respect. If you want to win some of that for yourself, apply your wits to this week’s question in the post below.

We’re back with another dose of Answer Me This! next week. Remember, if YOU have a question for us, please send it to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com.

Helen and Olly
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One Response to “What’s that coming over the hill? Oh, it’s only EPISODE 2”

  1. Don Says:

    Barry Nelson was the first person to play Bond in a 1954 television adaptation of Casino Royale

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