This month: ‘Q’. Next month: ‘Reader’s Wives’


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Ooh, what’s this?

It’s a photo of Lily Allen and some panthers.

She appears to have spent a lot of time getting her hair straightened, but has then forgotten to put a top on. Silly girl!

Or, perhaps she’s in a relationship with these murderous beasts and intends to deconstruct their failings in a future ska-influenced pop hit.

Either way, you’d buy the magazine, right?

Good! Because once you’d read the Lily interview (she wants to be President, apparently), you might stumble across THIS on page 151, in the ‘recommended podcasts’ section:


Thanks, Q!

We are very excited because:
a) we actually read Q and enjoy it,
b) you are the first journalists ever to spell BOTH our names correctly in an article,
c) we probably don’t have too many Stone Roses fans amongst our listenership at the moment, and it’s about time we cracked the lucrative ‘£50 man’ market.

Anyway, Q, if you require some cover stars for the April issue, you know where to come: Martin the Sound Man is more than happy to pose with his top off, whilst we two sit on the floor and growl.

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8 Responses to “This month: ‘Q’. Next month: ‘Reader’s Wives’”

  1. Gareth from Glasgow Says:

    Actually Amy, it’s Helena Saltman, not Saltsman.

  2. Amy from Essexshire Says:

    Congratulations Helena Saltsman and Ollie Man!

  3. Gareth FROM Glasgow Says:

    Ooh… Luke went there.

  4. Luke Says:

    Gosh! A post from Olly, that’s rare. You finally taught him to use a computer, Helen?

  5. Gareth FROM Glasgow Says:

    I have waited 2 years for Q to feature you! Finally!

    Err… please burn these pictures of Martin and you two.

  6. Charlie from West Kirby Says:

    I was really chuffed when I saw that in my mag. It was like seeing a friends name in the paper.

  7. NFreak007 Says:

    “Martin the Sound Man is more than happy to pose with his top off, whilst we two pod-stars sit on the floor and growl.”
    I demand that you do that!

  8. Linda Wilkins Says:

    Argh….! I miss you guys so much – can’t wait for you to come back!

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