Helen and Olly’s PRESS OFFICE

WHAT THE PAPERS SAY… Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to be ‘Critic’s Choice’ in The Times, The Guardian, Q Magazine, Radio Times, The Independent, Sunday Express and Time Out. So, you’ll forgive us for keeping a little Archive of all this acclaim, plus some links to interviews we’ve done and features we’ve written about podcasting. press-archive-button

RADIO APPEARANCES… Every Saturday night we join Chris Warburton to review the week on the web on BBC 5 Live’s Saturday Edition; a slot you can download in the BBC’s Let’s Talk About Tech podcast. We also regularly appear on Steve Wright in the Afternoon (BBC R2), The Guardian’s Media Talk podcast and LBC 97.3. We have also guested on some great podcasts Helen and Olly on the radioincluding Getting Better Acquainted and Little Atoms. Full list and links here.

3425413938_0eced58e49_bMEMBERS OF THE PRESS… If you’d like some high-res promotional images, we would very much like to direct your attention to http://www.photobucket.com/amtcrew. If you’d like to approach us about a show you’re making or article you’re writing, email us, and we promise we won’t read it out on the podcast. Or make fun of your name. (Publicly, at least.) contact-us-button


One Response to “Helen and Olly’s PRESS OFFICE”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Hi. Just heard your comments about NYC, and I wanted to respond

    I’ve had the privilege of running in 2 NYC Marathons. Based on my experiences, this city could not possibly be more welcoming and encouraging.

    From the volunteers passing out water to the spectators cheering on tired runners, people of all nationalities and ages showed what NYC is really about

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