Badges! Badges! Badges!

badges IISuper-cool AMT badges just 70p each

These super-cool, look-at-me, I’m mega-fly, dontcha-wish-your-girlfriend-was-hot-like-me, dazzling, jubilant PINS OF JOY are available now from top online badge shop Big Wow Badges.

The store is located in the UK so you can pay in good-ol’ cor-blimey British pounds sterling, and British shoppers don’t need to pay import VAT. Big Wow use a secure PayPal account to take your hard-earned cash, and your purchase will help us with the costs of recording and distributing Answer Me This! in the future.

So, GET BUYING and impress with your friends with your excellent taste in both podcasts and accessories. And when we go all Ben Elton and aren’t worth listening to anymore, recycle your purchases to be used as excellent Squidgers for games of Tiddlywinks.

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