poisonous poultry




Here’s a meaty question from Saul from Liverpool:

A few years ago I visited a farm in Kenya where they had turkeys. The turkey-keeper, who seemed a trustworthy man, told me that turkeys change colour when they are angry or stressed, and if they are killed in this state of distress their meat will be poisoned. Because of this, turkeys have to be calmed down before they are killed.

I have just told this (what-I-considered-to-be) fact to some friends while eating a roast dinner. None of them believed me, so I turned to the internet, but failed to find anything substantial to evidence this. Please can you answer me this: is the meat of angry turkeys poisoned? Please say yes so I can prove my friends are the fools rather than me.

Now I KNOW that, amongst the diverse AMT listeners, there is at least one turkey farmer. Even if the turkey-slaughter takes place off-site, surely turkey farmers still have a wealth of information to share with us about turkeys’ emotions and the toxic potential thereof; so I beg any turkey farmers, or other turkey experts, to go to the comments to illuminate.

A fishmonger in Sydney fish market once informed me that if a fish feels pain or distress in its final moments, its flesh becomes flooded with adrenaline, which makes it less tasty. Maybe turkeys have taken this a step further. If the turkey goes, it’s taking its enemies down with it.


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2 Responses to “poisonous poultry”

  1. Ambitious lily Bundi Says:

    No it’s not poisonous. To me this is a myth.

  2. Deborah Witt Says:

    Considering the brutal way that turkeys have been treated and killed for years and most likely still are I would have to go with that statement being false. Since you would think being boiled alive would be a big stress on those poor birds yet you don’t hear of the hundreds of thousands of people dying from eating turkey.

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