I’m guessing from this email that listener Kate won’t be inviting her sister to her 26th birthday party:

In just under a week it’s my 25th birthday. Apart from the inevitable mild existential crisis, this means I’m having a barbecue. I’ve invited friends and I’ve invited my sister. My sister has then invited my mum. Please help me think of a way to un-invite her. I just wanted a nice relaxing afternoon eating meat in my back garden with my friends. I do not want either of my parents there! And if my mum is coming then I am forced to invite my dad and his new wife.

How how HOW can I make sure there are no parents at my barbecue without causing a big family fuss?

Readers, go to the comments and help the lady out. Oh pleeeeeeese. It’s her birthday.


One Response to “uninvitation”

  1. Martin Says:

    Simples. Have a family party the day before or after and tell your mum that you wanted a more intimate party for family and that is the (only) one she is invited to.

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