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Surprising news arrives from the provinces from Sarah from Gateshead:

I was in my local library and in the literary criticism section I found your book next to JEREMY CLARKSON’S. So, answer me this… what the fuck?

I know – no wonder the bookshops are all on the fast train to oblivion if they can’t even alphabeticise authors properly!

You may also question why our book and Mr Clarkson’s are filed under ‘literary criticism’, a section usually filled with the works of F.R. Leavis and Harold Bloom rather than, er, toilet reading. Well, it’s quite simple. In our book, there is very lengthy analysis of Michael Bay’s video for Meat Loaf’s ‘I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)’, which is of such totemic significance to 20th century art that it has been officially recategorised as literature. And Jeremy Clarkson’s book is literature which people like to criticise.


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