how soon is too soon?



Tyler from San Francisco is movin’ on up, movin’ on out, movin’ on up, nothing can stop him:

I broke up with my boyfriend about one month ago after nearly two years (in gay culture, this is a quite long relationship). We share a large group of mutual friends here in San Francisco which has made things a bit awkward. I have only briefly encountered my ex in passing. I’m now starting to date new people. Is this too soon? I don’t want to be insensitive, but we’re finished and I’m moving on.

Answer me this: how long should I wait before publicly dating or bringing a new gentleman to a party or event with this circle of mutual friends?

As we established last week: if the new relationship is with a close relative, WAIT FOREVER.

Otherwise – three months? Readers, what do you reckon? Since age gaps can be governed mathematically, surely there is an equation to compute the value of y (length of post-relationship public singledom) as a proportion of x (length of relationship). Add your calculation to the comments.


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