Free entertainment!



We know you love free entertainment, because you listen to podcasts. If you also like it in the form of sitting in a pub and watching actual people saying things in front of you, then you are in luck:

On Tuesday 31st January, we will be recording a radio pilot for a comedy quiz at the Phoenix Cavendish Square, and we need YOU to be in the Live Studio Audience. We will be joined by some of our favourite raconteurs, Ian Collins, Tom Parry and Bridget Christie, and as if that were not temptation enough, the pub serves very pleasing-looking food. And the price is a very recession-friendly £0.*

So please do come along; doors open at 7pm for a punctual 7.30 commencement, but remember, early arrivers get the good seats. It should all be concluded by about 9pm. Please bring a pen and paper, as -SPOILER!- you may need one.

*SMALL PRINT: since it is a pilot, quality cannot be guaranteed. But if it does turn out to be rubbish, remind yourself that it cost you nothing. Financially speaking.
MORE SMALL PRINT: it is taking place in a pub, so the usual pub age restrictions apply.

One Response to “Free entertainment!”

  1. Becci Says:

    It was lovely to meet you guys at the Pheonix tonight 🙂 Can’t believe you read out both of my “twitter” posts – Is it bad that this was my proudest moment since being awarded Best Brownie at my pack’s away weekend when I was 10?

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