Looting ladies’ lingerie


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Ahoy, shipmates! Batten down the hatches for a question from Robin on the Skandi Carla in Stavanger, Norway:

I work offshore on a boat so I am away with about 30-40 people. We have people who do the cleaning and our washing who are generally great people; however the girls I work with end up doing their own washing because they don’t trust getting their pants back and at least one friend has had all her underwear stolen.

My question to you guys is: Why would men want to steal women’s underwear? Girls in underwear I do find interesting, but when girls are separated from the underwear, the undies become inanimate objects.

Now, Robin, I can only guess at what it must be like to live on a boat with only a handful of people and some walruses for company. Who knows, after enough time trapped on a boat, being both lonely and lacking in privacy, perhaps I too would seek solace in ill-gotten undies – maybe using them to dress up my imaginary friend, whose company is the only thing preventing me going a bit Triangle. Or maybe I’d be stealing them because I’d started to find the society of inanimate underwear more appealing than that of humans. Or maybe I’d just run out of clean pants.

Those are my theories, but amongst you bunch of pervs there must be someone who can explain this predeliction, so go to the comments and type up your observations with one finger.

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6 Responses to “Looting ladies’ lingerie”

  1. lcdtvking Says:

    with different lingerie women looks different. Without lingerie…………all women looks same… that big point lol..

    looking for cheap lingerie for V.day… ahhhh

  2. Sara (crossdresser) Says:

    It’s always interesting that wearing clothes can be seen as pervy. The stealing thing is the pervy bit. I personally wear womens clothes (underwear & outerwear) in the privacy of my own space as a release. I personally do it for the same reason that some people watch soap operas & reality tv. It takes away from the dreary day to day life that I lead. Sad but true. Oh and the fact that it makes me feel really pretty is a bonus.

  3. sarah Says:

    And email corrected tcht

  4. sarah Says:

    In my case it lead to a sex change, so I may not be the best to answer…

  5. Sally Says:

    Perhaps the thief’s objective isn’t to stockpile pants but to live on a ship full of women who don’t wear underwear?

  6. James Says:

    Hi Helen and Olli,
    I think from a slightly pervy mans perspective, that the answer is a reasonably simple one, self pleasure. Stuck on a boat with limited “materials” to aid that self pleasure (the wank-bank only lasts so long – you can’t keep making “withdrawals” without putting something back in occasionally) so dirty, or clean, ladies undergarments may help when emptying ones self. Yup, that’s what I’m saying, knock one out with someones frillies on your head.

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