Professor’s Plums


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We thought that anything goes in the Netherlands, but Bo from the Netherlands debunks that national stereotype:

I turned 21 a few days ago and my aunt decided to take me to the sauna for my birthday. Now this was clearly more an excuse for her to visit the sauna because if she knows me at all, she would have known that I wouldn’t find any joy in a sauna.

But not wanting to be rude I got over my fear of sweaty wrinkles and accepted the present gracefully.

When I was in the sauna I tried not to look at people to much and I was doing fine, until I heard my Literature professor saying my name!!!

And there he was… more naked than I thought possible… With EVERYTHING just hanging out… It was awful, I was naked… he was naked… my aunt was naked.. And the man sat down next to me and talked to me for 10 minutes, all the while looking me over…

It was horrible and I really don’t want to go back to that class…so what the fuck do I do ?

It’s always upsetting to realise that the authority figures in your life are actual humans, with actual human genitals and everything. Try to put his danglers out of your mind by concentrating on the literature; and the next time you find yourself going to the sauna, protect your modesty with a towel and protect your academic overlords by wearing a blindfold.

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