Village amusements


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With the sun out and the May Day bank holiday fast approaching, this email from Jim from Tewkesbury seems timely:

Referring to the swan- and duck-related banter in episode 129, I thought I
would share with you a game invented by a lady of my late acquaintance, namely Duck Racing (the game, not the lady).

This involves throwing bread at one side of the pond, then when all the competitors have gathered together, throwing bread to the other end of the pond. The race is immediately underway and the big stakes can be laid down. Winner takes all.

So, Helen and Olly, answer me this; what do you do to spice things up when indulging in the ever-popular British pastime of “going to some town or village for the afternoon”?

You mean you’ve exhausted the pleasures of the pub/tea-room/post office/churchyard/horse show/National Trust property before the afternoon is out? You must live at the speed of light, Jim from Tewkesbury. But readers, what can you suggest for people looking to adopt this sort of pastime? Head to the comments to tell us all how to enjoy ourselves in the minor conurbations of Great Britain.

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One Response to “Village amusements”

  1. Paul Says:

    Olly and Helen, when visiting random towns and villages I like to peer at the front of people’s houses and guess what their occupation/hobbies/interests are, how much I could buy their house for, and decide how I would decorate the front room much better if I did! Surely I’m not alone in this. everyone must do this?

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