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badges II

We’re thrilled to be returning tomorrow with our new series, but just before that arrives, we’ve got some other new stuff to tell you about. Namely:

New badges! The wonderful bods at have produced a gorgeous new quartet of badges in two sizes. CLICK HERE to buy your own pieces of flair.

New albums! During our holidays we put together the Answer Me This! Selection Boxes, four compilations of some of the finest bits of the podcast themed around our favourite subjects: food, love, dilemmas and history. They’re available exclusively from the iTunes store for £3.49 each – or $4.99 for listeners in the US or $8.99 in Australia. Or for some similarly puny amount wherever you are in the world!

Martin the Sound Man‘s got a new episode of his Sound of the Ladies podcast, featuring his latest song ‘We Went to the Bottom of the Ocean’!

• Fellow podcaster and sibling of the show Andy Zaltzman has just started his new BBC 5Live series ‘Yes, It’s the Ashes’. Unfortunately it is about cricket; but if that oils your bat, then you can listen to Episode 1 on BBC iPlayer until Saturday morning.

See you tomorrow for Episode 99!

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