Cohabitation tips for Andria



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We’ve had a call for help from Andria from Texas (soon to be from Minnesota):

I am moving in with my fiance in a few weeks so answer me this, what advice would you give to someone who has never lived with a man (other than my dad) before? How can I make this transition smoother for both of us?

I would say you ought to remember to a) have arguments loudly enough that your neighbours can enjoy them; b) not confuse cleaning with something actually emotionally important; and c) not show too much interest in his mysterious locked cupboard, because frankly you will be much happier not knowing – it’ll either contain corpses or pornography. But readers, what would YOU say is the key to happy cohabitation? Let Andria know in a comment below!

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2 Responses to “Cohabitation tips for Andria”

  1. LA from PA Says:

    Be prepared to find dirty laundry EVERYWHERE – and by find I mean not only “encounter by chance” but also “engage in desperate searches for.” Before going out for any occasion (classes, dates, fancy dress parties, funerals, murderous sprees, etc.), my guy and I have to engage in a half hour game of “Hunt the Sock” which inevitably ends with the disappointing discovery of two pieces of holy cotton that, with a bit of creative license and a lot of squinting, might be taken for a pair of his socks. No preventative measures have ever been successful.

  2. Charlie from West Kirby Says:

    Don’t buy him shirts unless he is there, or you’re some sort of stylish genius. Just don’t.

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