EPISODE 28 – auf wiedersehen, pets


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Hello there, friends. How’re you doing? Going anywhere nice on your holidays this year? Olly is – he’s jaunting off to California to play Mischa Barton’s stunt double in The OC: Beyond the Grave, and accordingly Answer Me This! is taking a holiday too. Nowhere fancy, probably just to Auntie Bren’s bungalow in Colwyn Bay, but a change is as good as as a rest, eh? Anyway, until we return in mid-September, here’s EPISODE 28 to keep you going.

If you can refrain from shoving a stick of rock into your ears, you will hear such gobbets of fun as:

What the Butler Saw machines
The KFC Detritus Special
contraceptive nightcaps
Victorian genitalia
the truth about breadcrumbs
the allure of wicked stepmothers
Elizabeth Duke
sport sport bloody sporty sport.

Plus, Olly angles for some free jim-jams, Helen does some gender stereotyping, and Martin the Sound Man puts exercise in its place.

We’re sure going to miss you while we’re off on our break, so please do keep in touch by sending YOUR QUESTIONS to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com or leaving them on our Question Line, 0208 123 5877. Or feel free to send us a nice postcard with a bawdy pun on it. And be sure to check back here around September 14th, when we’ll return revivified for Michaelmas term.

So long!

Helen and Olly

PS. Big-ups to the amazing Kevin MacLeod of incompetech.com, whose marvellous Mariachi Snooze we poached for our own nefarious purposes.
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