EPISODE 14: the Lynx Effect


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With EPISODE 14, Answer Me This! is now firmly in its teens. But instead of slamming the door and sulking in their room all night, Helen and Olly (firmly in their twenties) decided to pass on their podcasting wisdom to a new generation, and welcomed Nathan the Work Experience into the studio for an incredible exclusive behind-the-scenes view of how the magic happens. You can hear all about Nathan’s journey to podcasting maturity in this week’s episode, plus:

the unspoken baby taboo
Dogtanian and the Muskehounds
pound shops
Oscar the Grouch’s unsanitary diet
cut-price Easter eggs
Sausage McGraw
beef money
the Daily Express
Bentley Mann
Hercules Zaltzman
Button from Neighbours.

Furthermore, you’ll receive incredible insights into Olly’s sex education, Helen’s career development, and Martin the Sound Man’s sinuses. (He’s got a cold and a cough, you see, and keeps honking into the microphones. Sorry.)

Well, that concludes the week’s business; if you have anything to add to the minutes – or, more importantly, QUESTIONS for us to answer – please email answermethispodcast@googlemail.com. On the subject of which, apologies to listener Neal, who sent us the following message:

I have one of your jingles playing in my head in a continuous loop: “answer me this podcast at google mail dot com, answer me this podcast at google mail dot com, answer me this podcast at google mail dot com, answer me this podcast at google mail dot com, etc.”

I now know your email address by heart, but how can I break the cycle? I’m not sure it’s good for me.

Sorry, Neal. Our jingles (thanks, Martin the Sound Man and the Answer Me This! Players!) are dangerously catchy. The only cure is to get something even more infernal on the brain. We suggest ‘The Vengabus’, or ‘Chiquita’ by Abba. Nobody said it would be easy…

Until next week, farewell!

Helen and Olly
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